Friday, January 2, 2009

so long old bean

school days, i think i'll miss you

wow! sorry guys i feel like i'm ages behind. okay, let's see: HAPPY NEW YEARS - hopefully 2009 will not be anywhere close to as big a bitch as 2008 was. we can only wish. i spent my new year's eve camping and looking at real constellations, sitting around a campfire singing along to neil young and leonard cohen songs with about 20 guitar-strumming, good-vibed kids. not joking. i can only thank them thoroughly for their kindness and acceptance (since i previously knew about 2 of them before that night) and also because my own personal vibes are notoriously fickle. i must admit, i smoked a few too many cigarettes, had a little too few sips of wine, but come morning a crisp hike sort of evened everything out. and i know you were dying for all those details. but regardless, i wish you all the happiest of '09, and for all the 1990 kids, happy upcoming birthday. n-n-n-n-n-nineteen nineteen. 

goodbye high school
i'll remember you india
forgive me summer, i don't remember you
dearest hollywood bowl, perhaps we shall meet again (unlikely)
orion, i saw your belt, body, & the bull - yeauh
robert, _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _. and i love you. 
anna, ditto to both & if i just... idk... showed up at disneyland, would it be a problem?
oh! and to ms. d-glass, conkers, & clark - i'm not mad, but in the most neutral of tones, i thank you for nothing. 

and in response to anna's post: my last new year's saw me horribly out of place at a palisade's residence where i knew everyone & really had no desire to. i was wearing suede, aqua boots that went to my knees, black jeans, an orange tank top, and - to top it off - a vibrant yellow, red, and blue puffy vest to keep me warm. oh yes, it was a very bad year from the start. this year's beginning = more promising? i do believe so. 

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