Thursday, June 4, 2009


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Ok so I started to get a few hits, which reminded me that I had this (I'm ditzy). So I'll try to post on this more often. Lets sayyyyyy 3 days a week? To start with.
So while I was away, I set up a few other accounts: tumblr, weheartit,, lookbook, and twitter. I had fun lol.
So I've been especially busy on weheartit and tumblr, but if you by any chance want to find me on any of these sites, here are my names...

weheartit: my username is wishbone username wishbone username wishbone
twitter: username AnnaEG

For those of you who don't know, you need to go. Right now. Its so much fun! Its basically like an online inspiration board for the entire world. Anytime you find a picture online you can post it to weheartit and everyone gets to view it and it gets put into your personal weheartit "library". It really is pretty cool, go try it out :) is similar, just more annoying and lookbook is to post your daily style ie: outfits you wear. Sometimes cool, sometimes just suuuuuper pretentious, lol.
Also, I was thinking about holding a little contest or something with those of you who do read this thing. Last time I tried this it didn't even get any replies, so if you like the idea then comment and if I get five or more people interested we'll do it :)

Talk to you...few soon!

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j. said...

hm yes what kind of contest!