Thursday, June 11, 2009

Does your Name Spell CHIC?

Tired. Really really tired. With a capital T. Its 2 am and my insomnia is back. I want to do things, try things, see things, go places, be with interesting, new people. Aaaaaand I can't because its 2 am. Duh. 

So I'm going alittle stir crazy. I need to get out of this apartment, get my own space, decorate how I want, make a sanctuary. When I lived at my mom's it wasn't allways pleasant to be home but my room was, anyway. It was exactly as I wanted it, all the things I loved. And I totally took that for granted. My own space, my God, my kingdom for a goddamn HORSE. 

Anyway. Hem. I want to do great things...don't you? 

And the first step to doing great things is to live in an inspiring space. 

I'm on my way. 

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