Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bangin' Bags

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Some of my favorite bags from A/W 2009 RTW - Fendi and Prada. 

The Fendi bags ( 1 - 3 ) are a mix of, from what I can see, at least five different materials - wood slats, crocodile skin or leather, metal, precious stone, and cloth. They're pretty amazing...the construction is so well thought out that it sort of reminds me of those secret compartment boxes...where you have to push all the pieces around to find and open a hidden compartment. Every panel on these bags fits together like a puzzle. 

They're interesting if you think about them, almost like bags made of found materials or scraps...which is what fashion is for most people right now, certainly for me. It looks like they were reconstructed out of bits and pieces of past season Fendi bags. There are signatures peeking out everywhere - crocodile skin, large stones - but these are a new take. Updated colours in an inspired bid for recycling. 

And then there's Prada - classic, as always. I've been thinking about traveling allot recently - I think I want to work for a little while and then use the money I make to take a world tour. Now, since I'm nothing if not impractical, my tour will not be of the backpacking variety. I am no backpacker. I am high maintenance in some ways. I've decided on a small suitcase, but that's the only concession I'm making to long-term travel. The small suitcase will be Longchamp (Le Pliage) and I will still need a carry on. Voila! Prada's Cervo tote - big enough to hold all my on -flight necessities and chic enough to satisfy my style requirements. 
Of course, its retailing for upwards of $1500 so I'll be in search of a cheaper alternative.
But it has to be red, and it has to be BIG. 

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