Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kiss Me, Kate

So...I have a small thing I would like to point out. To whit - Kate Spade rocks. My socks, your socks, your grandma's socks. They just rock.

They also rock for a very specific reason - aside from their fun bright pops of colour and nifty takes on 60's classics and their stationary (my God, their stationary!) they have a little sumpin' sumpin' extra on their website called "Behind the Curtain" which has a section called "Things We Love".

This little crumpet never fails to give me pause - the section is replete with inspirations found by patrons of Kate Spade and Kate Spade staffers. Everything from the polar bears at Coney Island to the strange and wonderful Art-o-Mat (seriously, go check it out, I'm totally going to find one) and is presented in a delightful mood board kind of way. Music, interesting articles, artists, projects, moleskines, websites, products, and generally delightful ideas jostle for space and make me giddy with excitement.

There are also sections every couple of inspirations where you can click and contribute an inspiration of your own, thereby spreading the love, so to speak.

In short, Kate Spade makes me happy, and you should make the electronic journey so that you may be happy as well. Its well worth the trip, but pack a toothbrush because you may be extending your stay when you see how awesome it is.


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