Wednesday, December 3, 2008



So I model clothes for a fashion class at my school, and without fail one of those bitchy fashion students says something snotty to me every time I model for that class. Today it played out like this: I was waiting for the elevator on my break and a tiny wisp of a girl who sits in the front row came to wait for the elevator too. She turned to me, smiled, and said "You know, I usually draw my croquis too skinny, so its really nice to have someone more full model for us. They don't usually hire plus-sized models." 

My feelings were so hurt. Its not that I have anything against plus-sized models, in fact I admire their confidence. Its just that I'm 5'8" and a size 6. I weigh about 135. I'm healthy, but my body type is thin to begin with. And you know what? I have bad body image. Bad bad. So that really got to me. I don't was just mean.

There is a point to my rant. So when I got home and had vowed to myself to be done with fashion and its disgusting ideals and dangerous goals I logged on to ( I know, I know) and I found this show by Christian Lacroix for the Fall 2008 Couture shows and I went faint. 
Its so beautiful, so perfect, it takes my breath away. Even though nothing good has ever come of my interest in fashion I can't help it - I'm hooked. For the rest of my life. 
This isn't just clothes, its art. Its inspiration and god its just so pretty...

If you like what I posted, you can find the show here.

Thanks Mr. Lacroix.

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yasamine said...

he is hands down one of my all-time favorite designers. i'm sorry that bitch tried to bring you down. don't let her! besides, what kind of person could possibly say that and feel okay with themselves? disregard her, i think you're super. and thin as fuck.