Sunday, December 14, 2008

we gon' do it again

source: google image search

hello and welcome to one of LA's best treasure troves. i love the rose bowl flea market! besides being absolutely massive and steadfast (rain or shine, second sunday of every month) it is impossible to imagine what odds and ends, golden wonders, and delightful trinkets you are assured to find. note: this event often amounts to a los angeles-hipster mega-magnet, so in addition to your healthy stack of dead presidents - you'll want to be generous with yourself - and arriving early (10am), don't forget to show up looking good & bring a camera. available wares include clothing of all types and prices, furniture, paintings, mirrors, home decor, shoes, sunglasses, musical instruments, books, food, vintage everything etc. etc. 

lucky for me, it is exactly 9:27 am on the second sunday of the month!!! so in about 15 minutes, you know where i'll be. 

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