Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bon Voyage, et Bon Chance

I love to travel. Driving to the bookstore, road trips, 13 hour flights - I love getting somewhere new and exiting. 

Well, I don't actually love the traveling part - I love the new places part. And the accessories. 
Because people, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned solid, dependable, lovely suitcase? 
They're aesthetically pleasing and practical!
(I'm really exited about this point because usually I only ever find things that match the 'aesthetically pleasing' point. Which doesn't bother me at all, but still, its nice to have both sometimes)

Suitcases fascinate me. I couldn't really tell you why, something about the orderliness of fitting a life into a small space, finding a spot for each and every item. (Another thing I love are pockets - which are plentiful on suitcases) I love older ones, with their hard cases and satin linings, and new ones with beautiful patterns or supple leather... small vanity cases, hat boxes, steamer trunks (God I love steamer trunks) but not duffel bags. Sorry, but those things are just...giant lumpy cloth slugs. Ew.

Here are some of my favorites I've found sprinkled around the internet. Some are being used for their original purpose, some have been given new lives. Some are ancient, some are brand spankin' new. Some have a story, some haven't started theirs yet. All of them are wonderful :)

*NB: Some of the photos, even at their smallest, are cut off when the post is published. Please click on them for a full image, its worth it for all of them!

1. Suitcase vanity mirror via weheartit * My absolute FAVORITE of all of these - I wish I knew how she did this!!!  2. Photo via Elen Usdin 3. Pink suitcase via Miss Kris 4. Solar powered entertainment trunk by Louis Vuitton 5. Vintage numbered suitcases via Yimmy's Yayo  6. Vintage Samsonite vanity case  7. Limited Edition Goyard steamer trunk showcasing Visionaire Magazine 8. Steamer Trunk - inspired coffee table by Sundance, via CasaSugar 9. Snapshot of a stack of Goyard Trunks, viaBlog Sorbeta  10, 11, &  12. Paper Source suitcases  13.  Skeleton Collection by Alexander McQueen for Samsonite

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